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Compaction Equipment

Plate tamper
Our plate tampers are equipped with a heavy-duty steel base plate for compacting granular soil and water tanks for use on asphalt. Easy to use and easy to transport, our plate tampers continue to be a viable resource for the contractor.Read more »
Jumping Jack
Our rammers, otherwise known as jumping jacks, are engine driven machines for compaction of soil and sand in the trench. Ideal for any contractor in the industry, our rammers are renowned for performance and ease of operation.Read more »
We offer a wide variety of rollers for all terrains. Our trench rollers provide compaction in deep trenches, with and without remote control. The newest addition to our roller fleet is the Rammax Viper, an articulated trench roller guaranteeing evenly distributed surface contact, and the new Bomag BMP8500, with adjustable drums. Our dual drum...Read more »