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Concrete & Masonry Equipment

TriSupply is a reliable supplier of concrete & masonry equipment carrying a wide range of items along with the expertise to get you optimal results. All of our mixers are from top manufacturers and are job ready. We even have the power trowels, hand tools, concrete vibrators and other supplies you'll need to complete your job.

Concrete Vibrator
Used on construction sites to make sure the concrete pour is even and free of air bubbles. We offer a variety of vibrator motors, heads, and shafts.Read more »
Core Drill
Core drills are used to bore holes through concrete. We offer hand-held, wall mounted, and floor mounted core drills with a variety of core bits.Read more »
Hydraulic Breaker
Used as an alternative to manually breaking up concrete, a hydraulic concrete breaker saves time on the job. Our breakers can be mounted to a skid steer, mini excavator, backhoe, or full size excavator.Read more »
Mortar Mixer
Whether you need it for concrete or mortar, our mixers will make any contractor’s day easier. Our mixers have towable capabilities and come in 6, 9, and 12 cubic feetRead more »
Our power buggies offer 16 or 21-cubic-foot for concrete spreading and spot pouring. A preferred choice for contractors all over, these power buggies not only are designed for concrete pouring, but are great for job-site cleaning and material transport.Read more »
power screed
Prior to the mix drying, the concrete should be smoothed out on the desired surface. Power concrete screeds are used to clear off excess concrete.Read more »
Rebar Bender
Use our rebar cutting tool to cut rebar faster and much easier than with manual cutters. Our rebar bender can bed rebar up to 1” in as little as five seconds. Save time on the job!Read more »
Walk Behind Saw
Easy to use and transport our cut-off saws are used for concrete cutting by industry professionals. Our cut-off saws offer a 14” cutting wheel and will handle cuts up to 4.5” in depth. For the larger job our self-propelled walk-behind concrete and asphalt saws are great if your job demands high production, fast cutting, and low maintenance. Our...Read more »
Floor Grinder
Our dual-disc floor grinders are perfect for light grinding or cleaning of concrete surfaces. Featuring counter-rotating discs to prevent machine pulling from side to side, ultimately giving the operator greater control. Ideal for removing mastics, thin-set, high spots, epoxies, and urethanes. Our scarifying machines allow for a more precise and...Read more »
Concrete Trowel
Our walk-behind concrete trowels are ideal for finishing a concrete floor, while hardening and providing a smooth finish. Great for any residential or general construction site and are available with an assortment of optional finish blades.Read more »