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Excavation Equipment

Mechanical Augers
We offer one-man operated mechanical augers, all which are lightweight, reliable, and powerful. Safe and simple to operate, our mechanical augers will get the job done. We offer a variety of different size auger bits ranging from 6”-12”.Read more »
Rent a backhoe for a wide variety of tasks: construction, small demolition, material transportation, excavation, landscaping, the possibilities are endless. All of our backhoes come ready with a loader bucket in the front and extend-a-hoe in the back. Our backhoes are standard 4WD with full cab and come equipped with auxiliary hydraulic circuits...Read more »
Cat Bulldozer Maryland
We rent 60HP-90HP crawler dozers in both standard track and low ground pressure variations. Our dozers feature power angle-tilt blades for performance and precision control in a variety of earthmoving applications.Read more »
Kubota Mini Excavator
We offer a variety of excavators to get the job done. Our micro excavators are small enough to fit through a regular door frame. Other excavators include the 3, 4, 5, 6, and 9 ton weights, which offer buckets from 12”-36”. We also offer full size excavators ranging from the 29,000lb-80,000lb classes.Read more »
Hydraulic Breaker
Used as an alternative to manually breaking up concrete, a hydraulic concrete breaker saves time on the job. Our breakers can be mounted to a skid steer, mini excavator, backhoe, or full size excavator.Read more »
Lawn Tractor w/ Mower Attachment
We carry a variety of rental equipment to satisfy your lawn care needs. Rental lawn care equipment we carry includes: seeders, sod cutters, aerators, yard tractors, lawn edgers and thatchers.Read more »
Rent a skid steer or track loader for a variety of tasks: excavation of and/or grading soil, moving landscaping, hauling materials, cement demolition, and even loading trucks. Our skid steers and track loaders are equipped with hydraulic quick connects for easy attachment hook-up. We can equip your rental with the following attachments: sweeper,...Read more »
Ride On Sweeper
Rent our ride-on sweeper to effectively clean and clear the jobsite. This towable street sweeper will come in handy with its 8’ wide broom.Read more »
Road Plates
Rent road plates for ground and road protection. They can quickly restore a jobsite back to pre-project conditions by bridging open excavations and trenches dug for drainage, cables, gas mains or water mains.Read more »
Strawblower Gun
Strawblowers effectively mulch bailed straw and disperse it on the ground as an evenly distributed blanket. Save time and money by renting a strawblower to ensure jobsite erosion control.Read more »
Trench Box
Every excavation job typically needs a trench box. We offer an assortment of trench boxes: steel, manhole, aluminum, aluminum build-a-box, aluminum hydraulic, and stone boxes. Rent an aluminum trench box if you are digging with a mini excavator or loader backhoe or rent a steel trench box if you are digging with a larger excavator. We offer a full...Read more »
Ride On Trencher
We offer both walk-behind and ride-on trenchers. With heavy-duty frames and durable components, these trenchers are built to stand up to the toughest soil conditions. Need more than just a trench? Our vibratory plows can pull wire or pipe through the ground with less soil disturbance.Read more »
Multiquip's water trailer with tow-behind capabilities can be utilized for a variety of jobsite functions including: dust control, emergency firefighting response, construction, agricultural support and equipment wash down. This water trailer offers users a 500 gallon water capacity and 2" centrifugal pump.Read more »